For You

Increase efficiency. Lower costs. Be more competitive. Sleep better.

For YouMaybe your current system has cost you a customer or two. Perhaps you're not connected to the right suppliers. Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the security dictates from key clients, RFP's, vendors and the PBSA accreditation program? You may have missed out on a key deal because you couldn't interface with an Applicant Tracking System.

Or maybe you're just tired of transaction fees taking a bite out of every dollar you earn.

Regardless of your motivation, BackChecked has the answer and we will have an immediate impact. Here are just a few of the things you can start doing right away...

  • Promote a secure and Mobile-Friendly Applicant Order Entry feature to open up new business in markets such as Staffing, Education, Volunteer and Medical.
  • Customize packages, instructions and user rights to tailor the on-line experience for each client.
  • Keep clients informed with real-time order status, reducing interruptions to your staff.
  • Quickly implement Parent-Child relationships to support the most complex multi-location clients.
  • Place hundreds of orders in a few minutes using a free and secure spreadsheet upload facility.
  • Allow for instant results, progressive ordering and automatic delivery on a client by client basis.
  • Enable each client to upload the exact documents required for their particular needs.
  • Increase revenue with automated re-checks, without the hassle of re-entering applicant data.
  • Make quick work of verifications by auto-generating fax requests to employers and schools, complete with a copy of the release form.
  • Answer that court vendor's question about volume in any set of jurisdictions, while they're still on the phone with a great offer.
  • Instantly calculate average turn-around times for any client, right down to the second.
  • Fine tune Electronic Signatures for any particular client or group of applicants, knowing that it will be captured and saved forever.
  • Build an integrated Compliance Manual linked to BRB's State Rules Register so that the latest compliance data is one click away when you need it most.
  • Connect to your client's Applicant Tracking System using HR-XML or JSON.
  • Lock in business with communication features that become integral to your client's internal workflow.
  • Leverage interfaces with key industry vendors that automatically dispatch requests and retrieve results.
  • Issue Researcher and Verifier Logins to employ smaller, local providers for court research and verification services.
  • Use Electronic Invoicing to get paid faster and interface with your accounting software.
  • Get more work done with fewer and more capable staff by leveraging a workflow engine that adapts to you as you grow.
  • Satisfy your clients, auditors and the credit bureaus with a system that can be proven secure.

Perhaps the best news is that BackChecked provides all this at a fixed monthly cost. We’ve never charged anyone a transaction fee and we don’t plan on starting any time soon. We’d rather help you control your costs than penalize you for growing.

Sound interesting? Contact us today for a confidential review of your needs.