For Clients

A clean, simple interface that keeps them coming back for more

For clientsYour clients will love the simplicity, power and speed of the system. It's easy to use and it's fast. Of course, they will see your logo, disclaimers, privacy policy, etc. We don't pollute the screens with "powered by so and so". BackChecked always stays in the background.

You can easily customize the system colors to match your own. Insert your own instructions to provide the guidance they need to place orders and see results with complete confidence. An email link to your help desk is there, just in case. Your daily message will alert them to anything that you deem newsworthy. Feel free to insert links to your own documents and tools. They’ll be seen by authorized users only.

A simple order form with custom instructions for each client will let them quickly order the services and packages that you make available to them. Email notices will alert them to completed and supplemental reports, as well as invoices. Quick links will take them to their most recent work. Links at the bottom of each report will quickly generate letters to applicants, as required by law.

On-line archiving will let them retrieve older reports without having to contact you. Category data will let them do their own trend analysis.

You issue the log-in credentials for your clients and you revoke or suspend them at any time. You determine what each individual user can do-- enter orders, see applicant data, see invoice data, order instant rechecks, manage child clients. Combine these rights to establish the perfect fit for each individual user.

Access to special tools, such as Meets Requirements, Instant Rechecks and Applicant Order Entry can be enabled for those clients that need them. Got a client with the need to restrict access, based on location or position level? No problem. You have complete flexibility in setting up Parent / Child relationships.

Got a client who needs an interface to an Applicant Tracking System? We’ll help you analyze the needs and implement an HR-XML compliant solution that will keep them happy for years to come.

Yes, they’ll like it a lot and you'll love how that affects your bottom line.