Fully Integrated with Adobe Sign for real Electronic Signatures

E-SignaturesWith everything else being done on-line today, why not allow job applicants to use electronic signatures on authorization and disclosure forms?

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Federal and state laws on this subject simply were not developed with electronic signatures in mind.

So, if you have a requirement to eliminate wet signatures, you'll want to rely on an industrial strength solution that is managed by a trusted third party - Adobe.

BackChecked makes it possible by supporting the Adobe Document Cloud API.

With BackChecked and Adobe on your side, you'll be able to create actionable on-line documents that fit the most intricate requirements. Applicants will be able to review, complete and authorize any number of forms that you or your client deem necessary. Signatures can be applied using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Adobe manages the secure signature process, stores the document on its servers, and forwards a copy to all parties. A comprehensive audit trail, listing all events and actions taken by the participants, is stored together with the document.

Applicants can be presented with documents under five separate scenarios:

  1. While entering data for a background check, after receiving an invitation initiated by you or your Client;
  2. While entering data for a background check, after receiving an invitation initiated by an Applicant Tracking System;
  3. After clicking on an embedded link on a web site or in an Applicant Tracking System;
  4. After receiving an email from the Client who triggered the invitation while entering an on-line order;
  5. As the result of an ad hoc request by you, the screening agency.

Regardless of how the applicant was invited to sign, the completed document and audit trail are automatically attached to the order in your system, ready for your review. E-Signed documents can also be made available as part of the final report and can be automatically attached to requests for verifications of employment, degrees or professional license.