The Big Picture

The Big Picture


That’s you, the Screening Agency, at the center. You and your staff access the system via a standard internet connection. No servers to buy or programmers to pay. We have everything you need for a flat monthly cost. Yet, you are always in control. BackChecked stays in the background.

That’s us, right above you. Our servers and your data are housed in a secure data center. Not to worry. It’s still your data. It won’t be seen or used by anyone else for any reason. If we part company, you’ll get it back in a form ready to load into a new system. That's something you should demand from any platform provider.

Those are your clients on the left side. You can accept orders in four ways: (1) An interface with your client’s ATS; (2) Mobile-Friendly Client data entry; (3) Mobile-Friendly Applicant data entry, and (4) Direct data entry by your staff. You can return results via login, fax or to the ATS, regardless of how the order was received.

Those are your suppliers on the right side.. The system comes standard with interfaces to more than 20 leading industry suppliers, representing more than 70 distinct products. You can also issue logins to your own researchers and verifiers. Assign work and accept results without leaving the system. You contract directly with these vendors, ensuring the best possible pricing and support.

Why are you smiling? Because you have a system that’s better than even your largest competitors and you’re in a position to grow your business without adding personnel. What’s not to be happy about?