Applicant Tracking Systems

What you need know about Applicant Tracking Systems:

Let’s start by helping you to understand more about the market. Our favorite analysis comes from the fine team at ONGIG who annually rank the top ATS solutions and are kind enough to let us share the report here: Top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS Software) in 2020.

The good news is that BackChecked is already connected to systems that combine for more than 75% of the total market share. The better news is that we’re ready to do more. Think of BackChecked as your ticket to a winning ATS strategy that will set you apart from the competition.

Consider the following tools to be yours to use and CONTACT US today to learn more.

Leverage Our Existing Suite of Direct ATS Interfaces


BackChecked has already connected with such major players as WorkDay - JazzHR - Cornerstone - iCIMS - Taleo - HireTouch - SalesForce - MyStaffingPro - Kwantek - Tenstreet and many others. Our mature HR-XML and JSON based API's are available for free use by any ATS provider. We also routinely connect using the ATS provider’s specification. This combination of skills and existing code mean that if we’re not already connected to the ATS you need, we can make it happen quickly. When your client or prospect asks if you can connect to a specific ATS or HRIS, there is only one correct answer--YES!

Quickly Connect via Joynd - HR Industry's #1 Hub


No platform has everything off-the-shelf, so BackChecked is partnered with Joynd, the premier system connector in the Human Resources industry. The Joynd Hub enhances your ability to address new business opportunities and protect existing client relationships by essentially doubling our current suite of direct ATS interfaces. You’re going to find that extremely helpful some day.

Lock-in Large Clients with In-House ATS Solutions


We happen to specialize in interfacing with ATS and HRIS software developed in-house by some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. Their development teams appreciate our excellent documentation and technical expertise. You will appreciate our ability to make your most important clients happy so they won't need to look elsewhere.

Partner with Vertical Market ATS Vendors


If you specialize in one or more vertical markets, it's important that you make alliances with the existing and rising ATS stars that serve that same market. Otherwise, you might find yourself on the outside, looking in. BackChecked has already created seven such interfaces for our clients. Of course, we don't publicize their names. But, we're ready to do more! Let's make a deal. You go find your partner. We'll make the connection happen.