Where do you keep your compliance manual?

ComplianceWith BackChecked, you enter it directly into the system so that it's right where you need it, when you need it the most.

Let's face it, you operate in a highly regulated environment that is getting more complex each day. While your diligence ultimately makes the difference, we know it's our job to give you the tools you need to maintain compliance at all levels of your organization.

We started thinking about compliance when we got started in 2002 and we haven't stopped. Here are just some the features that you'll come to appreciate in BackChecked...

  • Require clients to reconfirm key terms, including permissible purpose, on every order. This acknowledgement stays with the order in perpetuity.
  • Obtain electronic signatures directly from Applicants on multiple forms, using an industry trusted solution - Adobe eSign.
  • While reviewing records, access direct links to your own documentation on the applicable state rules, as well as the CRA Help Desk - State Rules Registry.
  • Document and maintain client or industry-specific rules that are quickly accessed throughout the system.
  • Allow expected salary to be entered with the order so that it's known while reviewing criminal records.
  • Insert and easily maintain the notices and disclaimers that appear on the face of each report, with complete control over font size and type.
  • Enable multiple documents to be attached to any order, determining which can be uploaded and seen by your client in each case.
  • Auto-attach consent forms to verification requests sent to employers, schools and licensing agencies.
  • Easily maintain on-line copies of all criminal records that were not reported, along with an explanation of why each was not included on the final report to your client.
  • Include up to five footer links on each page seen by the client that will access such things as your Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Documents Library, or other important data.
  • Populate a NOTICES section with links to documents and sites that will educate your clients on the latest new requirements.
  • Mask Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on the face of reports, while still allowing your clients and staff to locate Applicants by using this information.
  • Provide up to seven links at the bottom of each report for pre-populated FCRA documents, such as Pre-Adverse Action, Adverse Action, Consumer Rights, etc.
  • Taylor each client user's rights to limit sensitive data to those with a legitimate need to know.

Sound interesting? Contact us today for a confidential review of your compliance needs.