Applicant Tracking System Interfaces

What you need know about Applicant Tracking Systems:

Let’s start by helping you to understand more about the market. Our favorite analysis comes from the fine team at ONGIG who are kind enough to make it available here: The Top Applicant Tracking Systems Annual Report (2017).

This report ranks the top 99 ATS solutions by market share and you don’t need a Harvard MBA to spot a few key facts.

  1. An ATS provider can make the Top 10 with less than 3% of the market. That means there are a lot of them out there and you never know when you’ll meet up with a new one. You need to be ready.
  2. Homegrown ATS solutions come in ranked at number two. So, brand name ATS offerings aren’t the only thing you need to consider, especially since it's the bigger companies that tend to buld their own.
  3. Comparing this 2017 edition with the 2016 report makes it crystal clear that the old guard ATS providers are losing ground to an incredible number of upstarts. So, things aren't about to get any easier.

One question this report does not answer is why ATS providers prove to be such a big challenge to background screeners. Not to worry, we can fill in these blanks for you. We’ve been working this space for more than 15 years and our resume speaks for itself (see below). In fact, we’ve already connected with solutions that combine for over 65% of the market share numbers in ONGIG’s report.

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Commercial ATS Interfaces Completed


BackChecked has a mature, full function HR-XML based specification available for free use by any ATS developer. We also routinely connect using the ATS provider’s specification, whether it’s based on XML or JSON. This combination of skills and existing code mean that if we’re not already connected to the solution you need, we can make it happen quickly.

Commercial ATS interfaces via HRNX


BackChecked is partnered with HRNX, the premier system connector in the Human Resources industry. The HRNX Hub enhances your ability to address both new business opportunities and the new requirements that pop up at existing clients. You’re going to need that.

In-house ATS Interfaces Completed


We happen to specialize in interfacing with ATS and HRIS software developed in-house by some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. They appreciate our excellent documentation and support. You’ll appreciate our ability to make a large customer very happy.

White Labeled Interfaces Completed


If you specialize in one or more specific vertical markets, it might make sense to partner with a commercial ATS solution that serves that same market. BackChecked already supports six such interfaces and we're ready to more. Go find your partner. We'll make the connection work.

Standard interface with iCIMS


iCIMS is the leading provider of talent acquisition solutions that help businesses win the war for top talent. iCIMS empowers companies to manage their hiring process within the industry’s most robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Offering scalable, easy-to-use solutions that are backed by award-winning customer service, iCIMS supports more than 3,500 contracted customers and is one of the largest and fastest-growing talent acquisition providers. Contact iCIMS